Sleepless in Magdala

After our overnight flights from Seattle or Denver to Tel Aviv, our bleary-eyed pilgrims met our guide Lazarus and driver Moses. Off we went in our new bus (10 days old … yes, it has a “new bus smell.” We drove to Kevar Tavor [the town of Tabor, at the foot of Mount Tabor, for a lovely lunch in a local restaurant. Then we went to a fascinating active archeological site that has so far uncovered a 1st Century synagogue, ritual baths, and a market place. The beautiful chapel that commemorates the woman who touches Jesus’ hem and is healed is very modern, with a stone floor reminiscent of the original market floor in this lovely place. By evening, we are all jet-lagged and exhausted, ready for a long sleep.


2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Magdala

  1. I remember & love that painting in Magdala, and a sermon that the site’s guide told us, focused on the idea of bringing your troubles to Jesus’ feet. (And I also remember the first day or two of jet-lag grogginess!)


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